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Recent Highlights:

OrcaSong Farm & Institute

January 2020 / Co-wrote & Edited: Regenerative Community Gathering 2020 – Feature Article

Esalen Institute

Between 2008 and 2018 served as sole editor for Esalen Institute’s semiannual print and online catalog. Provided all levels of editing including developmental, line and copy editing. Link to sample available upon request. The following link to Fall 2020 catalog is for visual reference only. Does not contain editing sample.

Wrote & edited feature articles from Esalen’s monthly newsletter, delivered to 30,000 subscribers by email (500–550 words each):

April 2019: The Sixth Annual Esalen Inspirational Film Festival

April 2019: Spring in the Esalen Farm & Garden

The following interview is representative of the many Esalen interviews I researched, conducted and curated. From Esalen’s monthly newsletter (735 words):

March 2019: The Path of the Shaman: A Conversation with Marcela Lobos

Additional Esalen writing samples available upon request

Tin House Magazine

Creative non-fiction essay published in the Tin House “Lost & Found” section, which features writers discussing their favorite lesser-known books (1,000 words). Please click “Page 95” after following this link:

Tin House, Volume 13: Stacy Carlson on Christiane Ritter’s A Woman in the Polar Night

Orion Magazine

Creative non-fiction vignette published online in Orion Magazine’s “The Place Where you Live” series. I wrote this piece while in residency at the Mesa Refuge, where writers explore ideas at the intersection of nature, human economy and social equity (380 words):

The Place Where You Live: Giacomini Wetlands

Additional creative writing samples available upon request

Other Creative Work

“Tiny Frontiers, Repositories of Wonder: Discovering the Lichens Among Us”

I researched, wrote and produced this short video with my own photographs as part of a final project for Merritt College’s Natural History of the Bay Area: Lichens class, Spring 2020: