Writing Portfolio

Stacy Carlson Writing Samples


For Esalen Institute

Two feature articles from Esalen’s monthly newsletter, delivered to 30,000 subscribers by email (500–550 words each):

April 2019: The Sixth Annual Esalen Inspirational Film Festival

April 2019: Spring in the Esalen Farm & Garden


The following interview is representative of the many Esalen interviews I researched, conducted and curated. From Esalen’s monthly newsletter (735 words):

March 2019: The Path of the Shaman: A Conversation with Marcela Lobos


Additional Esalen writing samples available upon request


For Tin House Magazine

Creative non-fiction essay published in the Tin House “Lost & Found” section, which features writers discussing their favorite lesser-known books (1,000 words). Please click “Page 95” after following this link:

Tin House, Volume 13: Stacy Carlson on Christiane Ritter’s A Woman in the Polar Night


For Orion Magazine

Creative non-fiction vignette published online in Orion Magazine’s “The Place Where you Live” series. I wrote this piece while in residency at the Mesa Refuge, where writers explore ideas at the intersection of nature, human economy and social equity (380 words):

The Place Where You Live: Giacomini Wetlands


Additional creative writing samples available upon request


Other Creative Work

“Tiny Frontiers, Repositories of Wonder: Discovering the Lichens Among Us”

I researched, wrote and produced this short video with my own photographs as part of a final project for Merritt College’s Natural History of the Bay Area: Lichens class, Spring 2020: