“Carlson ably exploits this historical milieu…She writes sensitively, often beautifully, of the desire to be free of the gaze of others, of the misery of serving as a mirror in which others may see themselves.”

– The New York Times

“The great mystery of Wonderful is that Barnum, the flashiest character of the 1800s, doesn’t keep center stage. Instead, all our focus, and the entirety of our affection, is directed to the noticeably slouching giantess at the fringes of the action. That’s some kind of show-business magic at work.”

– The Stranger

“Carlson delves into the theme of metamorphosis as she recreates 1840s Manhattan as vividly as she portrays Grizzly Adams and Cornelia the Sewing Dog.”

– The Washington Post

“Intelligent, engrossing, and utterly unique.”

– Library Journal

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