“My book club attended an author’s event where we met Stacy Carlson. We were intrigued by her description of her debut novel, Among the Wonderful.  We chose it for our monthly book discussion and we were enchanted with her via our Skype call as she brought her to book to life for us.”

–Patricia Bardwell, Napa Calif.

“Our campus book group loved meeting with Stacy on Skype. Having the opportunity to talk with her about her captivating novel was enriching and gave us a deeper appreciation of her work. She was incredibly generous with her time, and all of our members – faculty, staff, and students – enjoyed this unique experience.”

–Nina Clemmens, Librarian, Penn State Brandywine

“Stacy was an amazing book club speaker. Not only is her book a fantastic and fascinating read, Stacy is a warm and open person who gladly shared her writing inspiration and process as well as offering insight and context into her characters and stories. Plus she’s fun & funny! Can’t wait for her next book so we can have her back!”

–Stephanie Agnew, Berkeley Calif.

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